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KotaDoria.com is a platform which has been made by craft lovers and artisans. The aim of this platform is to
  • To create marketing opportunities for village artisans throughout the world.
  • To promote hand-woven fabrics and other natural products that are truly Eco-friendly.
  • To support innovations in handloom sector.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q.: How is Kota Doria different from other fabric ?

    The magic fabric of Kota Doria is made up of cotton and silk yarn in different combinations in warp and weft, which are woven in such a fashion that they produce square check patterns in the fabric. These checks are popularly known as “KHAT” and these are made so skillfully that the fabric becomes transparent, which is a unique characteristic of this wonder hand-woven fabric. Kota Doria fabric is more comfortable in summer season because it is light and airy and therefore, this fabric is an excellent protection against the north Indian heat.

    The fabric which have similar qualities as Kota Doria are not found in the fabric world market.
  • Q.: Is Kota Doria product costly as compared to other similar fabric ?

    Absolutely No. The uniqueness in weaving of two natural fibres i.e. cotton & silk and designing of the fabric are the most important part of the fabric. If you look at the fabric according to the features, the product is really nice. And features and feel of the fabric during wearing is simply not comparable to any available fabric.
  • Q.: How can I purchase genuine Kota Doria ?
    You can purchase genuine Kota Doria by writing to us through this website or can directly buy from Kaithun's weavers, which are registered with Kota Doria Haduti Foundation (KDHF).
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